For the convenience of our clients we accept

ENDEAVORLEGAL understands the legal needs and fiscal constraints facing start-up business ventures and has established its billing practices accordingly.

We offer a number of billing options to clients. Our clients have the option of choosing between affordable traditional hourly fees, economical monthly fees or fixed priced legal services for certain legal matters.

Traditional Hourly Fees

Traditional Hourly Fees range from Two Hundred Seventy Five Dollars ($275.00) to Three Hundred Twenty Five Dollars ($325.00) depending on the complexity of the work involved. Our hourly rates are substantially lower than standard rates at larger Boston, New York and Los Angeles based firms, which often range from Five Hundred Seventy Five Dollars ($575.00) to Eight Hundred Fifty Dollars ($800.00) for partners and can often exceed Four Hundred Fifty Dollars ($450.00) for mid-level and senior associates. At these firms, even first year attorneys are often billed out at Two Hundred Eighty Dollars ($280.00) per hour. Our billable rates allow client cost savings to be substantial. Over the course of forty (40) hours of legal representation, our clients often experience a cost savings regularly exceeding greater than Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000.00).

“Virtual General Counsel” Option for Eligible Clients

Certain clients are eligible for our monthly retainer option where by committing to a one year contract for a recurring fixed fee of Two Thousand Dollars ($2,000.00) per month, we will provide ten hours of legal services per month. That’s ten hours of legal service at Two Hundred Dollar ($200.00) per hour – a Seventy Five Dollar ($75.00) per hour or total Seven Hundred and Fifty Dollar ($750.00) savings from our minimum hourly rate.

This arrangement guarantees that our client will receive all legal services at below our minimum billable rate, regardless of complexity. Additionally, it is flexible, permitting a business venture to utilize any of our firm’s services and carry forward or borrow from unused hours in previous or future months – all we ask is that the client continues to make its monthly payments so that it continues to be eligible to receive our services at the reduced hourly rate. Eligible clients who elect to participate in our monthly retainer option can sleep soundly with the knowledge that it’s routine legal needs will be met and it’s monthly legal budget will not be exceeded. This program can also be customized according to the specific needs of a particular client.

Fixed Fee for Certain Matters and Transactions

Business ventures need assistance with numerous recurring legal matters. Most large corporate law firms charge for such services on an hourly basis, often involving junior, mid-level and senior associates, and partners. This practice tends to result in duplicated efforts at such a law firm and increased costs to their clients. We believe that the best method of minimizing legal fees, while providing optimal client service is to charge a fixed fee for these types of matters.

Why the ENDEAVORLEGAL Fee Structure is Lower than Other Law Firms

EL is itself a small business and our lawyers understand the desires and needs of business ventures in the early stages of development. We are sensitive to the requirements and budgetary limitations of entrepreneurs pursuing new opportunities and working toward making ideas and dreams a profitable reality. As such, our lawyers are cost conscious and efficient in providing our services.

How ENDEAVORLEGAL Can Afford to Provide Legal Services at Reduced Rates

We have established a practice with greatly reduced overhead. Our seasoned attorneys work remotely, often from shared and virtual office arrangements; or, as required, on-location with the client. By eliminating extravagant dedicated office space and dedicating ourselves to a singular focus on cost-effective legal service, we afford our clients the opportunity to avoid the bank-breaking hourly legal fees and other expenses regularly associated with representation by more traditional metropolitan legal practices. Practices whose attorneys’ professional qualifications and experience are substantially similar to those of the entrepreneurial lawyers of ENDEAVORLEGAL.