ENDEAVORLEGAL is a metro-Boston business-focused law practice established on principles of superior legal and business advisory service.


Founding attorneys Eric C. Belanger and Charles E. Rampenthal first met in 2000 as fellow associates in the Business Practice Group of Testa, Hurwitz & Thibeault, LLP, a 400 lawyer firm formerly located in Boston, Massachusetts. While employed by TH&T, attorneys Belanger and Rampenthal gained significant experience in the areas of legal practice that business-minded individuals require from the development of a business concept and organization, through angel and venture financings and each successive stage of company growth, including an acquisition or sale of the entrepreneurial endeavor.



During the Fall of 2002, attorneys Belanger and Rampenthal left the employ of TH&T to found Belanger and Rampenthal, Attorneys at Law. They founded a law firm dedicated to leveraging their legal skills, knowledge, business savvy and professional relationships to provide clients with the highest quality professional advice and support necessary to ensure profitability, long-term growth and overall client success.


West Coast Expansion

In 2003, Charles E. Rampenthal relocated to Los Angeles, California for the dual purpose of establishing a west coast presence for Belanger and Rampenthal, Attorneys at Law and serving as Vice President and General Counsel of the then fledgling Start-Up enterprise, LegalZoom.com, Inc.



In 2005, it was agreed by the firm founders that Belanger and Rampenthal, Attorneys at Law should be re-branded as "ENDEAVORLEGAL" to further signify to the world the firm's dedication to the legal representation of entrepreneurs and business organizations.


East Coast Expansion

In 2006, the firm established a presence in New York through an association with employment attorney Jason R. Corrado of Garden City, New York. We also expanded the areas of legal practice offered to clients including business litigation, real estate, employment and trusts and estates, through the development of professional relationships with attorneys Jerrold G. Neeff of Boston, Massachusetts and William Work III of Brockton, Massachusetts.



ENDEAVORLEGAL continues to develop relationships with independent consulting attorneys practicing in various areas of the law throughout the United States in order to continue to better serve present and potential clients through the building of a unique and expanded twenty-first century legal practice. To date, EL attorneys have acted as counsel in a broad range of transactional matters representing businesses and individuals located in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Virginia, Washington D.C., Aruba, Canada, Cyprus, France, India, Ireland, Israel, Lebanon, Mauritius Morocco and the United Kingdom.


ENDEAVORLEGAL is firmly committed to employing excellent legal skills with good business judgment in the legal advocacy of business-minded individuals as long-term business partners forging winning results through innovation, uncommon legal acumen and common business sense. At EL, we believe that as our clients succeed in each stage of business development, so too shall we succeed. Our proven corporate lawyers are well-equipped to respond quickly and effectively to client needs, an essential capability in the fast moving business environment of the twenty-first century. The business acumen of our attorneys is particularly beneficial to clients when complex issues dictate more than a traditional legal approach to the relevant matter at hand. Our lawyers’ mission is to ensure that our clients are well prepared to operate their businesses from inception in order to avoid common legal pitfalls entrepreneurs encounter when not represented by experienced business lawyers. ENDEAVORLEGAL lawyers have practiced in association with major law firms and bring that level of training to the practice. We endeavor to gain an insider’s view into our clients’ businesses and technologies and apply that knowledge through practical legal and business advice. We are committed to the zealous promotion of our clients’ successes.

ENDEAVORLEGAL is itself a small business and our lawyers understand the desires and needs of business ventures in the early stages of development. We are sensitive to the requirements and budgetary limitations of entrepreneurs pursuing new opportunities and working toward making ideas and dreams a profitable reality. As such, our lawyers are cost conscious and efficient in providing our services. Further, to this end, we have established a practice where our seasoned attorneys work remotely, often through shared and virtual office arrangements; or, as required, on-location with the client. By eliminating extravagant dedicated office space and dedicating ourselves to a singular focus on cost-effective legal service, we afford our clients the opportunity to avoid the bank-breaking hourly legal fees and other expenses regularly associated with representation by more traditional metropolitan legal practices. Practices whose attorneys’ professional qualifications and experience are often substantially similar to those of the entrepreneurial lawyers of ENDEAVORLEGAL.

ENDEAVORLEGAL attorneys do not work Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm; we are accessible and committed to excellent client service no matter the day of the week or the hour of the day. We truly believe that the success of your business enterprise is our business.